About Me

I’m Elisabeth and on my blog bloomingwithflavors.com I share my passion for delicious and healthy food and well-being. Since a child, I always liked to help my mum in the kitchen. While I previously preferred to “spooning-up-the-baking bowl”, I got more and more conscious of the meaning of wholesome food.  I make every effort to use processed foods as little as possible, to cook with fresh and seasonal ingredients, and to adopt a plant-based diet. Since I pay attention to a healthy diet, I have definitely gained more well-being and cooking in the kitchen with all the fresh and versatile ingredients is so much fun to me. And that’s what it’s all about: having fun cooking, doing something good to your body, and enjoying food.

In addition to cooking, I also like dealing with self-development. There is nothing more important than finding the balance between mind and body. On my blog, I try to motivate and inspire like-minded people. I’m certainly not a guru in this field, but I hope to help you through small tips and suggestions to practice more self-love. Too often we forget in the everyday hustle to take time for ourselves, to listen inside of us and to pay attention to ourselves.

Hard to believe, that these words are written by the hands of a former spirituality philistine, who had no sense for things like self-love, personal development or even vegetarianism and wholesome food. Even Confucius said once: “They must often change, who would be constant in happiness.” Change actually has proved to be the key to happiness for me. So, would you like to join me on my further journey to happiness?