11 Things to do in Ubud, Bali

by bloomingwithflavors

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Ubud is a great city you should not miss on your Bali Trip. The green rice fields and many temples give Ubud something out of the ordinary. The relaxed atmosphere of the city is perfect for unwinding and enjoying the jungle vibes. Now here are my 11 things to do in Ubud when visiting Bali.

1) Explore Tegalalang Rice Fields

Ubud is surrounded by many rice terraces, in which Tegalalang Rice Terrace is the most popular one. This lush green rice field is huge and you can climb all the levels up to the top to have a breathtaking view!

The Tegalalang Rice Field is about 20 min north from Ubud and the best way to get there is by taking a driver.

The rice field belongs to several farmers. To walk along and climb up the field, small fees are required. So better have some coins available when visiting.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Bali
Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Bali

2) Take a Yoga Class in Bali

Bali is a Yogi-Heaven! There are several yoga schools in Ubud and it’s quite hard to decide where to go, as they all look super nice. I decided to take a class at Ubud Yoga House and just loved it. It’s located in the middle of rice fields and when you take a morning class, the rice fields are still wet with dew and look just beautiful. They offer different classes for beginners and advanced Yogis and the teacher has been super professional and friendly. Can highly recommend!

Yoga mats are available in the Yoga School. They offer water and tea for free. It’s great to arrive a bit earlier, to have a tea while enjoying the views.

Yoga Bali
Practising Yoga in Bali

3) Enjoy the most beautiful rice fields around Sweet Orange Warnung

If you are looking for the perfect (like truly perfect) spot for dinner: go to Sweet Orange Warung. This cute restaurant is in the middle of rice fields and when the sun is setting, the sky and the scenery couldn’t be more beautiful. It was one of the most impressive moments for me when it comes to calming and peaceful nature experiences. The restaurant is quite simple, but delicious and it was not very crowded. So it’s perfect for a romantic dinner.

The way up to the rice fields can be a bit daunting. I suggest to take the way via JI. Kajeng. It’s a bit longer, but felt a bit more comfortable.

4) Visit Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

The Monkey Forest Sanctuary is one of the most popular places to visit in Ubud. It’s a huge rain forest, which is full of monkeys. You can stroll along the pathways and watch the monkeys and you can even come very close to them. Some of the cute animals can get quite cheeky.

Take care of your belongings! The monkeys love backpacks, where they just jump on them to steal things out of them. So take care and don’t leave any backpacks or handbags open. But no reason to worry. There are guards everywhere to take care of the monkey’s behaviour.

5) Shopping at Ubud Market

A great way to spend your afternoon is to go shopping at Ubud Market. It’s a huge market offering different things from food, clothes, accessories to souvenirs. For some people, the locals might be too pushy with trying to sell their stuff, but I’d say it’s definitely worth a visit.

In the morning from 3 AM until 8 AM there is a traditional market, mainly selling vegetables and meat. At 9 AM, the market changes to an Art Market.

The Art Market is great to buy some souvenirs like Buddha statues, scarfs, or the popular Ubud handbag.

Local Food Market Ubud Bali
Visiting a local Food Market

6) Enjoy the delicious fresh food in Bali

Bali is like a paradise for food lovers. All the fresh and local ingredients make every dish super delicious. Every restaurant I’ve visited served the best food and I could have just come to eat all the time. Especially for vegetarians and vegans, it’s like heaven.

Things you should not miss to try: Fried Tempeh with Peanut Butter, Mie Goreng, Fresh Coconut Water, Smoothies, Jamu (natural energy booster).

Ubud Bali
Enjoy the balinese food

7) Take a cooking class in Ubud

You might have noticed, that I am a huge fan of Balinese food. So why not take the food home with you by learning the recipes and the way of Balinese cooking? We visited a cooking class and it was absolutely amazing! We booked a vegetarian cooking class with Canting Bali. After visiting a local food market, we started with our cooking class containing several dishes. The staff was very friendly and the scenery couldn’t have been better: The outdoor kitchen was surrounded by lush rice fields. And while cooking we could see the local rice farmers with the conical hats harvesting rice.

The cooking school will pick you up at your accommodation and drop you off as well. So you don’t have to worry about anything. It is usual and also other cooking schools will organize the pick up/drop off.

Ubud Bali
Learn to cook with fresh ingredients

8) Get a Massage

In Bali are plenty of Massage Studios and the massages are very good and super cheap! For a balinese body massage for 60 minutes, we paid about 85k IDR (which is about 5-6 EUR). We randomly found Atria Spa, which was a very clean massage studio with friendly staff and cheap prices. We have been there several times and the massage was always good. So I can highly recommend it.

9) Try Luwak Coffee

Try the luxury coffee from Indonesia. The sweet and caramel tasty coffee is a special kind of coffee. This sort of coffee is produced by partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten by the Asian palm civet. To taste the coffee and some teas as well, we went to Bali Pulina, where they explain the coffee production and give you several sorts of coffee and tea for tasting.

For one cup of Luwak coffee, we paid about 60.000 IDR, while the tasting and the walk through the plantation is for free. It is, of course, recommended to give tip to your tour guide.

Ubud Bali
Try Luwak Coffee

10) Visit Ubud Water Palace & Ubud Palace

While strolling along the city center, you will notice the beautiful Ubud Palace, which is considered a traditional Balinese temple. Not far from here there is also the Ubud Water Palace. It’s a little bit hidden behind Starbucks. Both are beautiful and worth visiting.

Ubud Bali
Visiting Ubud Palace

11) Stroll along the streets

Besides the busy main streets, there are very nice and calm side streets as well. So take some time to go with the flow and discover some places away from the busy city center.

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