Food Guide Bali: Best Restaurants in Ubud

by bloomingwithflavors

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Having visited Ubud for more than a week, I tried several restaurants and there is only one conclusion: Ubud is made for foodlovers! Whether you spend your day exploring the highlights of Ubud, or just relaxing at the pool in your hotel/villa, there is no better way to finish off your day with a nice dinner, right? That’s why I am sharing with you the best restaurants I’ve visited in Ubud.

No matter whether you prefer cheap and local dishes in traditional “Warungs” or luxury dining experiences in modern restaurants, Ubud offers a lot of great and unique dining experiences. The food, in general, is very healthy and from my experience, you will find vegan and vegetarian options all over in Bali.

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Sweet Orange Warung: This restaurant is just perfect and very romantic. I would recommend coming here for dinner while sunset. While having a smoothie and a nice balinese dinner, you can watch the beautiful sky and the rice fields around.

Warung Makan Bu Rus: This Warung is set up in an family temple. From the street you might not see the beauty of this restaurant, but trust me, it’s worth to go in. Once you reached the backyard, you will find the tables in a very unique atmosphere and you can see, how such a family temple is designed. If you are lucky, you can also watch a ceremony in the temple right next to the restaurant.

Warung Bia Bia: Very cozy and cheap restaurant in the city centre. I really liked the simple but authentic interior and the food was really good. It can be crowded, but usually you will find a place.

Bali Buda Cafe: This was the first restaurant we went for dinner and since then I knew: I love the food in Bali! They serve traditional and healthy dishes and drinks. You can even visit the food shops on the ground level with organic food like nuts, granola, chocolate etc.

Warung Titi: A lovely place away from the busy city centre. They serve traditional food and the staff is very friendly. The restaurant has a personal touch and is great for a romanic dinner. There are a lot of Mosquitos, but they offer Mosquito Spray for free.

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Hujan Locale: A very modern and stylish restaurant. The prices are quite expensive, but the food and the cocktails was worth every cent! We had such a great evening and the interior is amazing! You should book a table in advance!

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Room 4 Dessert: If you want to experience fine dining for desserts, then this is the right address. Pastry Chef Will Goldfarb and his dessert bar became very popular since Netflix Chef’s Table Season Four (Pastry), where he participated with his restaurant in Ubud. It was the first time for me visiting the restaurant of star chef and since I’ve watched his episode on Netflix, I knew I really wanna go there one day. So of course I took the opportunity to taste his unique sweet creation in a beautiful restaurant. It was a luxury experience that I will never forget! If you also decide to go, you have book a table in advance.

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