Broccoli Recipes – Simple, Healthy & Delicious

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Brokkoli Suppe Rezept | Broccoli Soup Recipe-22

Simple and healthy broccoli recipes for every day.

Here you will find a selected collection of broccoli recipes. The healthy vegetables are not only super healthy but also super varied when it comes to cooking.

From broccoli rice stir-fry to raw broccoli salad – there’s something for everyone in these broccoli recipes!

Healthy and Vegan Broccoli Recipes

Why is broccoli so healthy?

Broccoli is well known for its many health benefits. Green vegetables are rich in many nutrients and offer a relatively high amount of protein compared to other vegetables. Among other things, broccoli contains vitamin C, vitamin K, iron and potassium.

The nutrient-rich vegetable thus helps to reduce inflammation, improves blood sugar levels and strengthens our immune system. Broccoli is also good for digestion and hormone balancing.

How to prepare broccoli

Broccoli can be prepared in many different ways depending on the recipe. You can enjoy the green vegetables raw, cooked, boiled or even baked.

Raw broccoli is considered to be particularly healthy because it preserves all heat-sensitive vitamins.

Steamed broccoli is also preferable to cooked or baked preparation, as this way more valuable substances are retained in the vegetables.

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