15 Vegan Recipes: Quick & Easy

by bloomingwithflavors
Pasta mit veganer Paprika-Sahne-Sauce - Einfach und Schnell | Nudeln mit veganer Paprikasauce. Die cremige Pastasauce ist gesund und köstlich und eignet sicher perfekt zum Mittag oder Abendessen. #pasta #veganerezepte #vegan #einfach #gesund

Here you will find 15 quick and easy vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or baking recipes. Delicious, simple, and healthy!

In this post, I have summarized 15 tasty recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. 

Those simple vegan recipes are perfect for beginners. Because the dishes can be cooked or baked without special kitchen equipment and also not much time. Plus, you don’t need fancy ingredients either. You’ll find that plant-based recipes don’t have to be complicated at all and are still incredibly delicious.

Even if you’re already familiar with vegan cooking, you’re sure to find some inspiration here for new dishes that are quick and easy.

I wish you a lot of fun cooking & baking!


Vegan semolina bowl with hot raspberries
Vegan Tofu scrambled with Kala Namak Simple tofu scramble - the vegan alternative to scrambled eggs. It's so quick and easy to make, high in protein and you only need 6 ingredients! #tofuscramble #tofu #vegan #breakfast
Tofu scramble with kala namak
Vegane Baked Oats mit Mohn & Zitrone
Baked Oats with Poppy Seeds and Lemon


Vegane gefüllte Paprika mit Risoni, Mais und Frühlingszwiebeln
Stuffed Bell Pepper with risoni, corn and spring onions
Vegan mie noodles recipe with broccoli and mushrooms
This vegan Okonomiyaki Recipe is easy to make and super delicious! You’ll love the Japanese Savory Pancake with Cabbage for lunch, dinner or for meal prep! | #veganokonomiyaki #okonomiyaki #savorypancake #cabbage #pancake #cabbagepancake #japanesefood #bloomingwithflavors
Okonomiyaki: Savory Japanese Pancake


Raw Broccoli Salad
Quick and easy: Pasta with vegan red pepper sauce. This creamy pasta sauce is healthy and delicious and perfect for lunch or dinner. #pastarecipe #vegandinnerideas #vegan #easy #healthy
Pasta with creamy red pepper sauce
Dieses vegane Burrito Bowl ist einfach, gesund und so lecker! Das Rezept besteht aus Reis, würzigen schwarzen Bohnen mit Koriander und frischer Guacamole. Es ist ein schnelles mexikanisches Rezept auf pflanzlicher Basis, das sich perfekt zum Mittag- oder Abendessen eignet! #vegan #burritobowl #veganburritobowl #veganerezepte #veganesmittag #veganerezeptideen
Burrito Bowl with rice, black beans and Guacamole


Das beste vegane Bananenbrot ohne Zucker_Best Banana Bread
Best vegan banana bread
Quick, easy & super delicious: Vegan almond croissants with puff pastry and a creamy almond filling. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or coffee.
Vegan Almond Croissants
Vegane Muffins with carrots & apple


Looking for a vegan snack, that gives you power throughout the day? Then those vegan Matcha Energy Balls with coconut, almond and chocolate are your answer. #glutenfree #nobake #powerballs #veganhealthysnack #healthy #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #healthyeating #snacks #energybites #easyvegansweets
Matcha Energy Balls
Vegane Schoko Cookies mit Macadamia und Weißer Schokolade - Diese weichen, veganen Schoko Cookies sind so lecker und super einfach. Mit gesalzenen Macadamia Nüssen und weißer Schokolade bringen die dairy-free cookies einen tollen Geschmack mit sich. #chocolatecookies #vegancookies #veganbaking #veganerezepte
Chocolate Cookies with Macadamia
Coconut Almond Pralines

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